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Firefly Electric Handcycle Next Generation from Rio Mobility (Standard Frame Tube)

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Firefly™ Electric attachable handcycle for wheelchair converts your manual wheelchair into a 12 mph speed machine! Go the distance with a high-capacity battery that lets you travel over 15 real-world miles (24 km) on a single charge. Get there quickly with a powerful and quiet hub motor that climbs the hills for you. Remove the strain from your shoulders, maneuverable, easy to control direction even on side slope. Navigate sidewalks easily and safely, going where you want to go. 12″ front tire negotiates obstacles with ease using a tight turning radius. Improved stability against tipping forward or backwards. Attaches easily with quick-release ball and socket “quickdock”, on and off in 4 steps. Fits most adult and pediatric manual wheelchairs, fully adjustable to fit every user. 220W brushless hub motor with adjustable top speed (6-12 mph/9.6-19 kph) with reverse switch, 36V Lithium polymer battery, for extended range and long life. LED headlight, twist throttle, speedometer, odometer, bell, safety flag, and battery life indicator. 12″(47-203) tire. Total weight 33lb (15kg) with battery, optional basket. Installation and instruction manual included.

About the product
Firefly electric attachable handcycle for wheelchair
Converts your manual wheelchair into a 12 mph speed machine!
Go the distance with a high-capacity battery that lets you travel over 15 real-world miles (24 km) on a single charge.
Get there quickly with a powerful and quiet hub motor that climbs the hills for you.
Remove the strain from your shoulders, maneuverable, easy to control direction even on side slope.

Some raving comments from Amazon customers :

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Product
ByMark Mccollon April 30, 2013

Verified Purchase

Orig review for 24 volt model: I just purchased this last week from Rio Mobility on Amazon for $1995 so I am not sure why the price has suddenly gone up. Assembling and mounting the Firefly onto your wheelchair is pretty straight forward although the included user manual did not exactly match the model that I received. I am a paraplegic with some use of both legs and I was able to assemble and mount the Firefly by myself (even though they recommend two people). The Firefly works extremely well on hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc.). I had no problem with climbing long, fairly steep asphalt roads even though the combined weight of me and my chair is about 260 lbs. The speed understandably did drop down considerably while climbing steep hills to about 3 mph. They were no traction issues and I did not have to lean forward to insure good traction (a problem I had read about in researching the Firefly). The performance in grass however is very poor on anything but a very flat area. Much to my disappointment, it stalled out on even a gradual slopes in my yard (much less severe than slopes on streets it was able to climb). The battery life appears to be good. I went 4 miles the other day (up and down hills) and still showed 60-80% battery remaining. It took some trial and error to figure out the best way to connect and disconnect the Firefly from my chair without assistance. The technique shown in the manual initially did not work for me because it required too much force to push the handle bar forward while trying to attach the upper arms (you can find videos of this technique on You-Tube – just search for Rio Mobility Firefly). Finally I figured out that if I leaned back in my chair (moving my center of gravity more over the rear wheel of my chair) I could satisfactorily lift the chair with one arm (pushing the handle bar forward) while attaching the upper arms. I am having an issue making changes to the LCD based controller using the techniques described in its separate user manual. This has led me to my only concern and caution about this product/company. I have emailed them and left voice mails but have not gotten any response to date. I notice that they have not posted on their FB page in many months and there are questions posted on the page that have gone unanswered. One post on their page complains of also not receiving responses to email and voice messages (and they did not respond to that post). I also notice that they just recently have started selling on Amazon and many of their products state “Only x Left in Stock”. One of the products is out of stock and states that it is unknown when it might be available again. All of this leads to my concern that the viability of the company (and therefore product support) may be in question. If I get contacted by the company, I will update this review. I initially loved the Firefly but its inability to work in my yard has me considering returning it.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat ride
ByRattboyon July 23, 2014

I’ve had mine for about a year. I’m a C8 incomplete T4 complete injury level. This is not made for yards but I use it to haul mulch on my three acres and a 30 gallon water sprayer up and down my driveway. It does spin on softer areas of the yard. When it does I help it out by manually pushing with my free arm. Battery life is good. It’s been pretty durable for me. I’m a vet so the VA payed for mine but I would have gladly bought it. I use it to take the trash can down a 580ft driveway and it is great for airports. They take it down with my chair. Taking it on and off is a breeze once you get your technique down. Just takes practice.
The company is hard to get up with but I eventually did hear back from them. I still highly recommend

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat an amazing invention. I just love it
ByDenise C. Jeskaon September 10, 2016

Verified Purchase

Life changing!!! What an amazing invention. I just love it. I use it everyday. Now nothing is stopping me. I have more freedom then I have had in the last 18 years. I could not be happier!!!
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5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome power adapt.
Bytim1on November 20, 2014

I don’t know about the person who said he had a better one fabricated for $2-300.00 I would like to see it first and if so help people out and sell them. Because I recent got mine and it is awesome. Great brake system and programming. Has an Odomiter and speedometer. You can unplug the kind of Governor on it so it will go from 6 to 10mph safely. Also had a reverse and all you do it hold the red button while you rotate the throttle along with a nice light that you operate by pushing the yellow button next to the reverse button. Also detaches by quick release buttons for safe and easy transfer while one half pulls away from other half. The engineering that went into this was great for those in chairs that have issues pushing do to strength or shoulder surgery like myself. Much better than wheel assist or rear wheel assist. It is a 5 stars for me. I love it. Beware of people who make it sound easy to manufacture because gauranteed they won’t be around when it’s time to warranty anything they say they can make for cheaper. I must be right since this thing is so back ordered. Went to National Veterans wheelchair Games where I saw a lot of other Veterans who have them and love them and now I kno why.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Product!
ByWayne Thompsonon September 2, 2014

I’ve had my Firefly for a year and a half and it continues to impress me. No, it won’t climb steep hills and traction can be an issue at times but the alternative is a heavy mobility scooter and a large vehicle equip with ramp and a flat floor. The Firefly is easily lifted into my car (26lbs without battery). The attachment mechanism is brilliant, quick to operate and fail-proof.
By transferring weight forward and using the front basket accessory, traction is greatly improved. I can go all day on a battery charge and it will reach 9+mph on flat terrain (I weigh 210lbs). Any problems I’ve had have been dealt with in a professional manner. This unit, although a bit expensive, is way cheaper, faster, more fun and more convenient than the alternative. It has given me much greater independence at a fraction of the cost of a slow, bulky mobility scooter and the converted van needed to carry it.

5.0 out of 5 starsBest purchase I’ve made!
ByH Rourkeon July 5, 2015

The Firefly is probably the best quality of life purchase I’ve made. Such a brilliant concept and it preforms even better than advertised at a suprizingly affordable cost. Concept-wise, I love that it is so easy to connect and disconnect. This makes it very easy and compact to load in a car, unlike a scooter. I also unhook it in seconds to navigate into restrooms or to pull up to a table in a restaurant or bar.
Performance wise, mine easily hits 15 mph and has tons of power to climb hills quickly. I just went on a 10 mile hike on the hilly carriage trails at Arcadia National Park and when I was done I still had over 60% of the battery charge left.
Durable medical equipment seems to always cost a lot and I honestly expected this to cost 2 or 3 times what it does. The engineering and qualiity or construction are impressive. This handy device far exceeded my expectations and has restored an enormous amount of freedom for me.