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What Stun Gun Should I Buy

I have been running my website, SafetyGearHQ, now for over 7 years. I sell many different styles and strengths of stun guns. I know it can be very confusing, especially because of all the calls I get from people who just have no idea what they should buy.

Basically it all comes down to what do you need it for. Obviously, stun guns are for protection, but from whom or what and where are the big W’s.

The most common situations are for self protection from individual assailants, along with just wanting to feel safer,followed by protection against dogs.

First of all, stun guns come in varying strengths of voltage. Voltage alone, no matter how high will not kill or permanently harm someone. Simply put, the higher the voltage, the less time you need to stay in contact with someone, and the longer they will be incapacitated. You do need to be close enough to touch the attacker with the stun gun.

The difference between a TASER® and a stun gun is, a Taser will shoot out a dart like projectile, connected by a wire about 15 feet long. It will over-ride the central nervous system providing incredible take down power. You only have to be within 15 ft of your attacker.To have a stun gun in your possession to feel safe in public I would recommend something small that would fit in a purse or on your belt such as a Cell Phone type, or ones that look like pagers. ((Hot Shot)  These are inconspicuous and do not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a stun gun.

If there is a specific person you are dealing with, you may want to have a more traditional type stun gun that the attacker will recognize and it may in itself act as a deterrent. Check out the Multi-Function Stun Gun. It also has a flashing light and an alarm built-in.

For home or car, where you are not carrying the stun gun around you may consider a Stun Batons . They are a bit more intimidating and since they reach anywhere from 12 –24 inches, you do not need to be right next to the assailant to zap them.

This same situation applies to protect against viscious dogs. I know that some Animal Control officers carry stun batons. The Stun Master Flex stun baton also has an alarm that can startle the dog and make them run off. I do not know of any dog that has been harmed by a stun gun. It will disorient them for awhile, giving you time to get away.

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