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Stun Batons

You want Extra Distance Between you and your Attacker?

These stun batons are a favorite among security guards because of their power and extended reach. Simply touch an assailant with the stun baton and pull the trigger: three to five seconds will leave the assailant dazed and temporarily paralyzed.

The 600,000 volt 3-in-1 stun baton has a loud alarm and a flashlight!!  No batteries needed, simply plug it in to recharge.

Our newest item is the mini stun baton. It has a devastating 4,500,000 volts to stop someone cold in their tracks. Only 9 1/2 inches long but packed with power.

How do stun devices work?

Many people have asked if stun batons are a good choice for defending against attacking dogs. The feedback we get has always been positive. We have had no reports of any adverse effects.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Baltimore County, MD, or the city of Philadelphia, PA.