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Phazzer Enforcer

CODE: Phazzer Enforcer

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The PHAZZER Enforcer is a Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) which immobilizes a target by firing two dart projectiles and delivering high voltage & minimal amperage into the target. The voltage and amerage is delivered through a pair of insulated wires, max distance of 15 feet in length for civilains and 25 feet for law enforcement.
The output keys in on the neural muscular system and disables voluntary muscle control, dropping the target in two to five seconds. It is no surprise that Conductive Energy Weapons, such as the PHAZZER Enforcer, not only are effective in protecting the user’s safety, but also provides a safe alternative in subduing rather than injuring the target.  
The PHAZZER Enforcer has been tested for safety and will substantially reduce the likelihood of serious harm or death as compared to alternative methods of self defense. It is one of most effective alternatives to the use of more substantial force when unnecessary. Although the voltage seems high, the unit puts out very low amperes at 0.0020 amps. The PHAZZER Enforcer includes 2 X 3.6 volts rechargeable ion-lithium battery pack coupled with an AC recharger adapter that can be plugged into the wall when the charge is weak. Also included with the unit is 1 dart cartridge, which is inserted into the PHAZZER Enforcer prior to firing. The PHAZZER Enforcer also comes standard with a Pepper Ball Cartridge, when deployed will reach a max distance of 30’, exploding upon contact and neutralizing a group of attackers within 5 feet of the target. The PHAZZER Enforcer can also be used as a hand-held drive stun gun. To prolong the battery life, avoid charging the battery for longer than 6 to 8 hours.
The PHAZZER Enforcer CEW requires no fees for registration to be activated unless it is required in the country where the product is being exported. There are no codes for activation and thus the unit is immediately operational upon receipt. 

The PHAZZER Enforcer CEW can be recharged by inserting the battery charger when the green indicator light turns red (Charger included with purchase). To prolong battery life, avoid charging the battery over 6 ~ 8 hours. The green indicator light will turn red when the battery is at 50% charge, which is approximately about 50 full durations, 5 second shots prior to requiring a recharge.