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Diversion Safes

Hide your Valuables in Plain Sight with Diversion Safes!

Is your personal property as safe when you're away from home? How do you know? When a criminal breaks into your home they will only spend a few minutes inside while they look for the most valuable items to steal. They will usually choose smaller items that they can easily carry right out your front door such as jewelry, watches and cash. Burglars know the best places in the house to look, and can be on their way with your most treasured possessions in a very short time. A great solution is what is known as a diversion safe. Diversion safes are home security products that are designed to look like every day, ordinary household items. These safes appear to be objects that are commonly found in any home such as books, candles or canned items, but they are actually hollowed out containers that you can hide valuables in to keep them secure from thieves.